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VAT advice in the Netherlands

VAT advice in the Netherlands

VAT advice in the Netherlands

Do you need VAT advice in the Netherlands? MFFA tax advice takes care of all your VAT obligations and advises you how to reclaim your input VAT and minimize your VAT payable.  We ensure that you fully use your option under the existing VAT legislation in the Netherlands and avoid letting you run any unnecessary risks with regards to VAT (How to invoice the other contract party in Europe?)

We prepare and file the VAT returns of both national companies and international companies operating in the Netherlands. We are able to advice you regarding your invoicing for VAT purposes.

Which people/companies can we help?

  • Foreign companies having a legal entity/branch/permanent establishment in the Netherlands
  • Dutch companies
  • Foreign companies with no establishment in the Netherlands
  • Foreign companies who want to claim back VAT in the Netherlands / foreign paid VAT
  • Foreign companies importing goods through the harbour of Rotterdam
  • Holding companies with VAT obligations

Services: VAT advice in the Netherlands

We deliver VAT-services for Netherlands based companies regarding national VAT and EU VAT obligations. Also, we have much experience in assisting foreign entrepreneurs dealing with Dutch VAT issues and filing obligations. We offer the following VAT services:

  • Preparation and filing of Dutch VAT tax returns, including the European Sales Listing (ESL) and Intrastat (CBS)
  • Review self prepared (by client) VAT tax returns
  • VAT refund for foreign entrepreneurs (click here for reclaim foreign VAT)
  • Applying for the Article 23 VAT deferral (cash flow advantage)
  • Submitting VAT refunds requests within the EU, but outside the Netherlands
  • Providing a second opinion on VAT issues (VAT perform quick scan)
  • Opinion on cross-border transactions (EU Non EU), import / export transactions
  • Advice with respect to invoicing requirements (who is invoicing who?)
  • Support and assistance during VAT audits held by the Dutch tax authorities
  • Filing objection against incorrect VAT assessments and conducting VAT appeal procedures
  • advice on VAT related questions regarding real estate transactions (sales tax and transfer tax)

Presentation VAT in Europe:


More info about VAT Advice Netherlands?

Do you want VAT advice in the Netherlands or the EU? Do you wish to maximize your VAT refund? Or, would you like advice how to invoice your customers? Please, feel free to contact us through the contactform . You can also call: +31 (0) 85 – 00 30140

Please also visit the English website of the Dutch tax authorities with respect to VAT in the Netherlands.


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