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Expat Netherlands

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Expat Netherlands

Expat Netherlands

Expat Netherlands is something our Dutch tax advisors are specialized in.If you enter the Netherlands as an expat you will always have many questions, like what is the tax rate in the Netherlands, how to fulfill my Dutch tax obligations? We are in Amsterdam one of the Dutch expat tax experts. See for example one of our articles on the website of Internations which is a leading network & guide for expatriates and companies.

Also, Netherlands based employees going abroad for a definite or an indefinite period (incoming and outgoing employees) are supported by our Dutch tax advisors. We assist employers that are doing or intending to do business in the Netherlands with all their tax issues relating to their expatriate employees. Similarly, we can advice Netherlands based employers, who are doing business abroad, regarding issues relating to sending personnel abroad.

We offer assistance with tax issues relating to housing and the import of a car to the Netherlands. Employees that are seconded to or from the Netherlands may have questions regarding the social security consequences of their secondment, their own home, or the continuance of their pension plan. Which taxes must be paid in the Netherlands, or abroad? Where is the expat covered for social security purposes? In all these matters, we can provide practical and valuable advice.

For more info see also our brochure social security and income tax in the Netherlands.

Expat Netherlands and our services

With respect to expat Netherlands, we offer the following services:

  • Apply for a residence / working permit
  • Application/obtaining 30%-ruling
  • Preparation and filing of the Dutch personal income tax return (m-form) / assistance with mortgage interest deductions
  • Assistance with housing, opening a bank account, insurance in the Netherlands
  • Advice on pensions, employee benefit, social security and stock options plans, severance payments
  • Practical support in arranging education, nanny, language course, doctor and dentist
  • Calculation salary payroll scan
  • Calculation income tax Netherlands
  • Assignment / secondment in the Netherlands
  • Advice regarding avoidance of double taxation
  • Assistance with the conversion driving license, the import or export car of a car,  tax rules relating to lease cars
  • maintain a correspondence address after leaving the Netherlands
  • Having your own Dutch BV together with the 30% ruling
  • Request exemption withholding tax obligation wage tax / national insurance contributions (Lbb 20) for employees who are not Dutch tax resident having a Dutch employer (f.e. pilots, people working on ship)

More info about expat Netherlands?

Do you wish to be advised on expat Netherlands? Would you like sound tax advice as an expatriate, so that tax risks such incorrectly imposed assessments and penalties are avoided? Please feel free to contact us through the contact form. or call us on +31 (0)85 00 30140

We also advice to have a look at the websites of the Dutch tax authorities which is in English.


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