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Published on 27-06-2013 

Lbb20 statement – Fiscal issues Dutch tax resident who lives abroad

The Lbb 20 statement was normally granted for three years but the Secretary of State has indicated that the validity of a Lbb 20 statement is extended to ten years. A Lbb20 statement is a wage tax or/and social security exemption statement for foreigners who live abroad but are considered to be a Dutch tax resident. This statement can be requested if you live abroad and the Netherlands is not allowed to tax your income (based on the tax treaty) After obtaining this Lbb20 statement, the employer is ensured not to levy any wage tax and/or national insurance contributions.

Benefits Lbb20 statement:

  • cashflow advantage
  • no compliance requirements (no income tax return) anymore

We have a lot of experience in applying the Lbb20 statement. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. info@mffa.nl

Source: Letter of the Dutch Secretary of State to the parlement, 22 mei 2013, kenmerk DGB/2013/2082 U)