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Expat Tax Advice

Do you want more tax information about expatriates in Amsterdam or the rest of the Netherlands?
Would you like sound tax advice, so that tax risks such as incorrectly imposed assessments and penalties are avoided?

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Expat Tax Advice

MFFA tax advice is specialized in expatriates Amsterdam / the Netherlands, those who are entering the Netherlands (incoming employees) and those who are leaving the Netherlands (outgoing employees). Besides, we assist employers who are doing business in the Netherlands with all their tax issues relating to their expatriate employees. Similarly, we can advice Netherlands based employers, who are doing business abroad, regarding issues relating to sending personnel abroad (outgoing employees).

For example, we can assist expatriates who come to the Netherlands to obtain a residence permit and/or a working permit (if applicable), or assist with the application of the 30 ruling, calculate how much you will earn net.

We offer assistance with tax issues relating to housing and the import of a car to the Netherlands. Employees that are seconded to or from the Netherlands may have questions regarding the social security consequences of their secondment, their own home, or the continuance of their pension plan. What is most profitable? Renting out your house in the Netherlands, while deducting mortgage interest, or selling your property? Which taxes must be paid in the Netherlands, or abroad? Where is the expat covered for social security purposes? In all these matters, we can provide practical and valuable advice. For more info see also our brochure income tax and social security in the Netherlands.


Expatriates Amsterdam / The Netherlands – Incoming Expats

We can help incoming expats with the following:

  • Applications for a residence and working permit (MVV/TWV)
  • Request for the 30 ruling (click here for info about the 30 ruling)
  • Calculate how much you will receive as net income
  • Having your own Dutch BV together with the 30 ruling, click here for more info
  • Preparation and filing of the Dutch personal income tax return (M-Form) / tax declaration and assistance with mortgage interest deductions
  • Migration tax advice (moving to the Netherlands)
  • Assignment in the Netherlands / secondment
  • Assistance with finding a house, opening bank account, insurance in the Netherlands
  • Advice on pensions (401K plan, IRA etc.), employee benefit, social security and stock options plans
  • Employment tax
  • Request exemption withholding tax obligation wage tax / national insurance contributions (Lbb 20) for employees who are not Dutch tax resident having a Dutch employer (f.e. pilots, people working on a ship)

Expatriates Amsterdam / The Netherlands – Outgoing Expats

Expatriates Amsterdam / The Netherlands who will also leave again. For those outgoing expats we provide:

  • Dutch tax advice regarding the tax consequences of moving away from the Netherlands (emigration/migration)
  • Prepare and file the Dutch (emigration/migration) personal income tax return
  • Secondment or assignment abroad
  • Maintain a correspondence address here in the Netherlands (sending through incoming post)
  • Other tax advice

More information about expatriates Amsterdam / The Netherlands?

Do you want more information about expatriates Amsterdam and tax advice? Would you like sound tax advice, so that tax risks such as incorrectly imposed assessments and penalties are avoided? Please feel free to contact us through the contact form. You can also call us from within The Netherlands at  (0)85 0030140 or call us from abroad at  +31 (0)20 2615615

We also advise you to have a look at the websites of the Dutch tax authorities which is in English.


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