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Expat taxation in the Netherlands

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Expat taxation in the Netherlands

Unless you plan to go to a tax haven, such as the Cayman Islands or the Bahamas, taxation is an inevitable though unpleasant topic, no matter where you live. If you move to the Netherlands, you have to pay income tax as well. However, we can assist you to find the loops and pay as less tax as possible.

Which Dutch expats can we help?

  • Expats from abroad entering / migrating to the Netherlands;
  • Expats temporarily staying in the Netherlands;
  • Expats already staying in the Netherlands;
  • Companies with expats on the payroll.

Frequently asked questions expatriates Netherlands

When you enter the Netherlands as a foreigner and start working for an employer you might have several questions such as:

  • How much is my net income?
  • Do I build up any pension (private and government)?
  • How much health insurance do I have to pay?
  • What are the tax rates in the Netherlands?
  • How many holidays I am entitled to?
  • Do I pay social security?
  • How to avoid double taxation?
  • Can I transfer money from abroad to the Netherlands?

All these questions we can answer by offering a fiscal consultation to expats or companies in our office or through the phone.


Having your own foreign company

What if you have your own company abroad, since you prefer to invoice your clients? You can still have your own company if you move to the Netherlands. Be aware this should be then a Dutch company. There are three possibilities to have your own Dutch company:

  • Having your own sole propietorship / self employment / freeelancers activities in the Netherlands (click here for info)
  • Having your own Dutch legal company (click here for info)
  • Having a Dutch branch /permanent establishment (click here for info)

If you hesitate what is the best possible option for you, feel free to contact us so we can think together about the best possible tax options.

  • Tax residency status
  • Wage tax in the Netherlands
  • Income tax in the Netherlands
  • Filing your income tax in the Netherlands
  • 30% ruling in the Netherlands
  • Social security in the Netherlands

Why do expatriates in the Netherlands choose MFFA Tax Advice?

We are recommended by Dutch expatriates because of:

  1. Our national / international tax knowledge (academic) and experience
  2. Our fixed fees / transparant fees
  3. Our accurate reaction to clients

More information about expat taxation in the Netherlands?

Would you like more information about expat taxation in the Netherlands? Or about wage tax and social security issues? Do you want to be in charge of your filing obligations, so that penalties are avoided? Please feel free to contact us with the contact form. You can also call us from within The Netherlands at  (0)85 0030140 or call us from abroad at  +31 (0)20 2615615