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Tax services

MFFA Tax Advice based in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Assen, The Hague and Amstelveen, offers a wide range of administrative and tax services for domestic and foreign taxpayers.

MFFA Tax Advice | Tax Advice

Tax services

As tax consultants, we support individuals, expats, DGAs and companies, both nationally and internationally. Not only existing organizations can come to us for tax advice, but also entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to start, sell or expand a business.

We provide tax advice to employees who emigrate abroad about their home in the Netherlands (holding and renting out or selling?), accrued pension, income tax return, avoiding double taxation and international social security issues.

We assist expats and employees, as well as board members who come to the Netherlands from abroad, with a residence permit, application for the 30% facility, income tax return, etc. If desired, we can also arrange that they remain insured in their country of origin with regard to national and employee insurance schemes.

We assist international companies that use the Netherlands as a holding and/or financing company or have a sales office / distribution office. In addition, we assist companies from EMEA, Asia and the US that want to establish themselves in the Netherlands and other EU countries (start-up) from A to Z.

Because the Netherlands, as an innovation country, offers more and more tax incentives for innovative entrepreneurs (with patents, intellectual property), we can serve these entrepreneurs very well in the field of innovation box, the WBSO scheme and R&D deduction.

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Private individuals – Tax advice


Tax procedures / disputes / conflicts

With the tax authorities (objection / appeal phase).


Income tax

Preparing and submitting the income tax return, submit m-ticket


Tax advice for special target groups

Such as artists, athletes, professors, directors, pilots and persons working on board a ship (captains).


Income tax advice

Own home, mortgage interest deduction, 2nd home, life-course savings scheme, setting up a stamrecht BV, pension, tax planning, listed building, divorce, TBS scheme, crowdfunding, purchasing an electric car.


second opinion

Second opinion, review, scan of issued tax advice.


Book research

Book research of the tax authorities.


Inheritance tax / estate

Inheritance tax / estate settlement.


International tax advice

Applying for and obtaining the 30% ruling, tax planning, working abroad , emigration tax advice and the owner-occupied home , temporary stay abroad, social security/premiums, migration issues, remigration to the Netherlands (return to the Netherlands) , temporary home ownership scheme, posting abroad, secondment of personnel, withholding dividend tax , request exemption withholding income tax/national insurance contributions (Lbb 20).

Companies – Tax advice

Expats in The Netherlands

preparing salary slips, submitting payroll tax returns, preparing annual statements, registering the tax authorities, drafting an employment contract, etc.

Loonbelasting advies

wage tax scan, work permit, residence permit, assessment of cost reimbursement, allowances and benefits in kind for staff, work-related costs scheme, salary split, application for the WBSO scheme, application for a 30% facility for submitted employees, social security/premiums, secondary employment conditions.

Income tax return

Filing a declaration for the sole proprietorship, VOF/partnership.

Income tax advice

Setting up a company, conversion legal form (beneficial or not) sole proprietorship or BV?

VAT declaration

Submitting and preparing the VAT return, Intracommunity services (ICP) return, Intrastat, submit a request for a refund of foreign VAT

VAT advice

VAT scan, registration abroad, tax representative, import/export, real estate transactions, transfer tax, invoicing advice, reverse charge arrangement, fiscal unity.

Vpb declaration

Submitting and preparing a corporate income tax return (singular and fiscal unity).

Vpb advice

Assets/liabilities transaction, merger, business transfer/company takeover , share transfer, (re)structuring, setting up holding company with operating company , business succession, ruling requests, incorporation of a BV, permanent establishment risk, structuring, setting up a foreign branch, transfer pricing, innovation box, Research & Development deduction (RDA), application for investment deduction (EIA, MIAVamil), APA/ATR, tonnage scheme, profits from maritime shipping .

Book research

Assisting the taxpayer with tax authorities audit .

International Companies – Tax Advice


International business

Setting up optimal structure, structuring, tax planning, setting up a foreign entity, foreign permanent establishment, lowering the tax burden, setting up a holding/financing company in the Netherlands, setting up a European distribution center / hub / sales office, provision of cross-border severance pay , reclaim and/or reduce withholding tax (interest/dividend/royalties, posting of staff / employees

Dividend tax advice

Reduction of dividend tax burden, reclaiming dividend tax from other countries.

Assistance with tax issue

Opinion/memorandum, second opinion, application APA/ATR.

VAT advice

Invoicing, intra-Community supply/acquisition, import/export, Intrastat, foreign company registration number, fiscal representative

We have partnerships with various tax advisors around the world.

More information about MFFA Tax Advice?

Do you want to make optimum use of your tax options? Would you like advice that excludes tax risks such as additional assessments and fines? Please feel free to contact us using our contact form. You can also call within the Netherlands at (0)85 0030140 or from abroad on +31 (0)20 2615615.

You can of course also look at the website of the Tax Authorities or the Chamber of Commerce. For an overview of all taxes in Europe see here>>

On the website Your Europe information can be found about registration of companies abroad, application for permits, etc.


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In the Netherlands: +31 (0)85 0030140
From abroad: +31 (0)20 2615615


Amsterdam: Keizersgracht 62, 1015 CS
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Bovensmilde (Assen): Witterweg 2, 9421 PG
The Hague: Schenkkade 50, 2595 AR
Eindhoven: Hurksestraat 64, 5652 AL

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Jeroen Mijlof graduated in economics and tax law at the University of Groningen. He has + 15 years’ experience in National and International Tax Law for both individuals and companies. Before MFFA he worked at the Dutch tax authorities, KPMG Meijburg and RSM International Tax Services .