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Payroll tax in the Netherlands

Do you want to outsource your wage tax administration and be advised on wage tax in the Netherlands on all matters regarding wage tax and social security issues? Contact us.

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Payroll tax in the Netherlands

If you set up a Dutch company with employees on the payroll, you always face payroll tax obligations in the Netherlands. MFFA Tax Advice is a payroll outsourcing bureau providing payroll services to businesses of all types. In the recent past we have gained experience with serving national and international companies with payroll tax in the Netherlands regarding their employees. Because of this experience, we know how to solve payroll tax questions like:


Which people / companies can we help?

  • Companies from abroad with employees in the Netherlands
  • Companies who hire local and foreign employees
  • Contracting / recruitment agencies
  • Holding companies
  • Individuals with a contract here in the Netherlands

For employers and employees we have prepared a brochure which contains all your questions about Dutch social security / wage tax “social security and income tax in the Netherlands”


MFFA Tax advice offers the following payroll services in the Netherlands:

Payroll tax compliance

For those companies who want to outsource their wage tax obligations because they don’t have the expertise or want to reduce direct costs regarding processing the payroll, we offer:

  • Payroll establishment and implementation
  • Payroll processing  (on site or at our office)
  • Payroll compliance (wage tax returns)
  • Payroll producing payslips and draft annual income statements for employees
  • Payroll register / deregister employees with the tax authorities, pension funds, etc.
  • Payroll support drafting employment agreement

If you send us your payroll data by email, we can prepare the payslips and send them directly to the employees or to you. If desired, the payslips can be printed on your own letterhead.

Payroll tax advice

With respect to payroll tax advice, we provide the following services:

  • Payroll review scan (wage tax, social security, social premiums)
  • Payroll application for work permit / residence permit
  • Payroll work cost scheme
  • Payroll implementation of salary split
  • Payroll application request 30%-ruling (see also 30% ruling for expats)

Why do companies choose MFFA Tax Advice when they outsource their payroll?

We are recommended by clients because:

  1. our national / international tax knowledge (academic) and experience;
  2. our fixed fees / transparant fees;
  3. our accurate reaction to clients.

Our clients range from companies with only one employee to companies with more employees.

More information about payroll tax in the Netherlands?

Do you want to outsource your wage tax administration and be advised on wage tax in the Netherlands on all matters regarding wage tax and social security issues? Do you want to be in charge of your filing obligations, so that penalties are avoided?

Please feel free to contact us through the contact form.
You can also call: +31 (0) 85 – 00 30140.

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Jeroen Mijlof graduated in economics and tax law at the University of Groningen. He has + 15 years’ experience in National and International Tax Law for both individuals and companies. Before MFFA he worked at the Dutch tax authorities, KPMG Meijburg and RSM International Tax Services .