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The Netherlands tax advice

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MFFA Belastingadvies | Tax Advice

The Netherlands tax advice

In the Netherlands tax advice is something many companies / individuals need when they are entering the Netherlands. Also, many companies want to use the Netherlands as HUB/Gateway to Europe, Middle East and Asia (EMEA) by setting up a holding/financing company. Besides the fact that the Netherlands has many tax treaties concluded with many countries, there is no withholding tax on royalties and interest. Finally, there is the famous participation exemption on dividends and capital gains with subsidiaries.

MFFA Tax Advice has prepared some tax brochures for companies and individuals regarding Netherlands taxes. Feel free to contact us, for example if you need info about Netherlands tax rates or if you need general questions about the Netherlands.


The Netherlands Tax Advice – Brochures

We have prepared the following brochures regarding Dutch tax advice:

If needed we can make a tailor made tax advice in a memorandum for you or your company.


Why do companies choose MFFA Tax Advice when they come to the Netherlands?

We are recommended by clients because of:

  1. Our national and international tax knowledge (academic) and experience
  2. Our fixed fees / transparant fees
  3. Our accurate and quick reaction to clients

Which people / companies can we help?

  • Companies / individuals entering the Netherlands from abroad
  • Dutch companies
  • Holding companies
  • Individuals with a contract here in the Netherlands

More information about Dutch Income Tax?

Do you wish to optimize the use of your tax possibilities? Would you like tax advice or avoid tax risks such as additional assessments and penalties? Please contact us through the contact form. Or call us at: +31 (0) 85 00 30140

You can also contact the English website of the Dutch tax authorities.

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Jeroen Mijlof graduated in economics and tax law at the University of Groningen. He has + 15 years’ experience in National and International Tax Law for both individuals and companies. Before MFFA he worked at the Dutch tax authorities, KPMG Meijburg and RSM International Tax Services .