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Innovation & investing advice – application

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Innovation & investing advice – application

Entrepreneurs who carry out innovative activities and perform Research and Development work (R&D work) the Netherlands has some very attractive tax incentives. These include the Innovation box, the WBSO-scheme and the R&D Allowance (RDA). In addition, additional tax deductions, such as special fiscal facilities called the EIA and MIA/Vamil may be claimed by entrepreneurs making environmentally friendly investments.

In order to benefit from these tax facilities, a request should be filed at a special agency called “Agentschap NL”. The filing of such an application, the assistance of a professional tax advisor is essential, since the facility must be claimed in your income tax return.

MFFA has experience in the application of these tax incentives and have strong relationships with people working at Agentschap NL and the Dutch tax authorities. We note that with respect to the application of the abovementioned tax incentives, we offer this on the basis of a no cure no pay principle.


The Research & Development benefits and innovative projects

  • The innovation box: a measure that ensures that income from innovative activities or royalties derived from a patented trademark are taxed against a corporate income tax rate of only 5% tax. To qualify for the innovationbox, the following conditions must be met:
    • The intangible/innovative asset is developed by the entrepreneur and is either patented, or an R&D statement is obtained;
    • At least 30% of the expected future profits must be derived from the new innovative intangible.
  • The Research & Development tax credit (WBSO): entrepreneurs receive a discount on the wage tax for employees that are doing R&D projects.
  • The Research & Development Allowance (RDA): an additional deduction that companies can take into account for certain costs and investments related to R&D.

Are you or is your company involved in R & D work?

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Jeroen Mijlof graduated in economics and tax law at the University of Groningen. He has + 15 years’ experience in National and International Tax Law for both individuals and companies. Before MFFA he worked at the Dutch tax authorities, KPMG Meijburg and RSM International Tax Services .