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Netherlands income tax

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Netherlands income tax

As far as the Netherlands income tax is concerned, we can assist individuals (employees, board members, expatriates and substantial interest holders), as well as businesses (sole proprietorship, general partnership, partnership) in any area.

Individuals living in the Netherlands (resident taxpayers) who are either working, or having savings and investments, are generally required to file a Dutch income tax return.

Further, individuals living abroad (foreign taxpayers), but who are either working in the Netherlands, owning shares in a Dutch company (a substantial interest), or having Netherlands sourced savings and investments, may be liable to Netherlands income tax and are often required to file an income tax return in the Netherlands annually.


Filing income tax return in the Netherlands

MFFA tax advice assists individuals with filing the personal income tax return and. Also entrepreneurs / freelancers we assist filing the Dutch income tax return. We will always try to achieve the best result for you, by trying to minimize your tax burden.

In order to provide as good as possible services to you we have prepared a brochure called “Income tax and social security in the Netherlands”. The brochure supports employers and employees with personal income tax questions in the Netherlands.


Netherlands income tax services

MFFA tax advice provides Netherlands income tax services on the following areas:

  • Expat tax advice in the Netherlands
  • Dutch income tax advice regarding purchase your own house / mortgage interest deduction, tax aspects of renting out
  • Avoidance of double taxation
  • Pension advice, withdraw money stamrecht BV
  • Emigration/immigration to the Netherlands (tax/legal advice)
  • Starting a business in the Netherlands (self-employed / freelancing)
  • Conversion of an existing enterprise ‘eenmanszaak into a BV’ (advantage or not) or vice versa
  • Investment deduction facilities (KIA, MIA VIA, EIA)
  • Tax litigation (objections and appeals)

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Jeroen Mijlof graduated in economics and tax law at the University of Groningen. He has + 15 years’ experience in National and International Tax Law for both individuals and companies. Before MFFA he worked at the Dutch tax authorities, KPMG Meijburg and RSM International Tax Services .