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Application 30% Ruling

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Application 30% ruling

The application of the 30 ruling requires specific knowledge. You can face several situations which needs fiscal knowledge or knowledge about Dutch tax law. MFFA Tax Advice has a very succesfull trackrecord with respect to applying for the 30% ruling. We have direct contact with the inspectors who grant the 30% tax ruling.

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Procedure Application 30 ruling

In order to apply for the 30% ruling it is important that all necessary documents are filed together. MFFA Tax Advice can support and assist you with this. If we apply for the 30% ruling the following steps will be taken:


Step 1

MFFA Tax advice has to be authorized by the employer and the employee to file the application 30 ruling. In case the employer has a contract with MFFA Tax Advice, we do not need the signed power of attorney from the employer.

Step 2

We need for the application of the 30% ruling the following documents together with the signed power of attorneys:

  • copy of the employment contract
  • copy of your work permit or knowledge worker statement (if applicable, not for EU residents)
  • copy of your curriculum vitae
  • copy of your passport.

Step 3

If we have received from the employer or the employee the requested documents, we will first check if the employee meets all the requirements for the 30% ruling. We will inform you if it is not possible to apply for it. If you meet all the requirements we will keep you posted on all relevant matter with respect to the application 30% ruling.

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