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30% ruling and start your own business

The 30% Ruling and starting your own business Would you like more information about starting your own business and the 30% ruling? Contact us.MFFA Belastingadvies | Tax AdviceStart your own business and the 30% ruling Many expats living in the Netherlands have the 30%...

Reclaim Foreign VAT 2012

The deadline for reclaiming foreign VAT paid in another country must be filed before October 1, 2013, which can be done electronically with the tax authorities in your own EU country. Request to the tax authorities in own country Your own country will then transfer...

Expat Taxation in the Netherlands

Unless you plan to go to a tax haven, such as the Cayman Islands or the Bahamas, taxation is an inevitable though unpleasant topic, no matter where you live. If you move to the Netherlands, you have to pay income tax as well. In order to get an idea how income tax and...

Mortgage Interest Deduction – Expats

Published on 01-07-2013  Mortgage interest deduction - Expats If you are an expat in the Netherlands, you can also benefit from the mortgage interest deduction if you buy a house in the Netherlands. The reason for buying a house in the Netherlands is because the rents...

Lbb20 – Foreigners living Abroad

Lbb20 statement - Fiscal issues Dutch tax resident who lives abroad The Lbb20 statement was normally granted for three years but the Secretary of State has indicated that the validity of a Lbb20 statement is extended to ten years. An Lbb20 statement is a wage tax...


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